In research, you are bound to end up with lots of files: raw data, pictures, simulation results and various versions of documents. You need a place to store and back up all of these files. Additionally, the collaborative nature of research means that you often need to share these files with your colleagues, which usually happens over emails. Keeping track of all these files can quickly become unmanageable.

Research file and data managements is one of the most popular requests from our users, so we have developed an application in colwiz that allows you to do exactly that. It is our great pleasure to introduce… colwiz Drive!

It is your personal research storage in the cloud: everything is securely stored, backed up, and accessible from any computer with internet access.  The Drive app makes collaboration easier: you can easily share files with individuals, create shared folders, or simply share files with existing groups or project teams. colwiz Drive also keeps track of  revisions, so you and your colleagues can upload multiple versions of the same files and revert to an older version when it is needed.

Everything in your Drive is securely stored in the cloud and encrypted with the 256-bit AES algorithm, one of the strongest security mechanisms available. Now you never have to worry about losing your research data because it is all stored in the cloud.

colwiz Drive is just the tip of the iceberg of what we have in store for colwiz – stay tuned for more exciting developments in the colwiz research platform!

Don’t forget – if you have any feedback or have a great idea you’d like us to add to colwiz, please let us know. We’re always trying to improve colwiz to make research management more simple, easy and efficient.